Want to identify an unknown algae? The Algae identification Test allows you to submit an algae sample for quick, accurate analysis in our laboratory. We accept samples from clients nationwide.

Results in 2-3 business days. Call or email for same day pricing.

Payment is for laboratory identification of algae. Samples are identified down to a genus level. The submission of samples does not require a designated “kit” to be mailed to you. Simply place samples in clean individual plastic bottles (one 100 ml sample per bottle) and mail-in with your completed sample submission form.  





1. First, purchase your Algae Identification Test by selecting the number of samples you want analyzed. 

2. Next, collect and submit samples (100 ml) in clean plastic bottles with your completed sample submission form to the address provided.



Most algae types are harmless and play an essential role in lake ecology. But many aquatic environments have excessive nutrient loads and given the right environmental conditions clear water can quickly become murky with algae. Algae can produce unpleasant odors and be a persistent annoyance to waterfront property owners as well as potentially harmful to humans, pets, and livestock.

Typically, the source of algae blooms is an excessive concentration of nutrients in the water, particularly, phosphorus and to a lesser degree nitrogen. These nutrients provide the fuel for the explosive proliferation of algae during the bloom phase. Algae blooms can occur year round but are most often associated with high photosynthetic activity of summer months.

Monitor your phytoplankton and water chemistry profile to better understand your lake ecology.  These services are provided by Absolute Laboratories. Please contact us for multi-parameter water monitoring services.

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