Concerned about formaldehyde in your Chinese flooring?

The Chinese Flooring Test uses easy-to-follow instructions (PDF) on how to accurately collect and submit a sample for quick analysis in our laboratory using the most thorough test method available: ASTM D6007 (Environmentally dynamic test – see below). We accept samples from clients nationwide.

Results in 3-4 business days after receipt of sample. Call or email for rush pricing.

Actual test kits are not provided for the Chinese Flooring Test. Payment is for laboratory analysis.


  • Easy-to-follow instructions and sample submission form (PDF)
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Detailed lab report (PDF) with interpretation



1. Purchase your Chinese Flooring Test  today by selecting the quantity of samples you want analyzed (or pay with a check or credit card off line using the form below). Pricing includes lab analysis for detection and quantification of formaldehyde emissions.

2. Download the fillable sampling instructions form by clicking HEREThe submission of samples does not include a designated “kit”; the use of a zip-lock bag is sufficient. 

3. Follow the step-by-step instructions and mail the sample(s) to us. We will email you a lab report (PDF), four business days after receipt of your sample(s) to the email address you provide on the form.


Claims have been made that Chinese-made laminate wood flooring can emit elevated levels of formaldehyde gas. The adhesive resins used in composite wood products can contain formaldehyde in variable concentrations; over time the adhesive resin off-gases, particularly through the addition of water in a process called hydrolysis. The rate at which formaldehyde off-gassing occurs is impacted by environmental conditions (i.e., temperature and relative humidity). Unlike other testing labs, the test method performed at Absolute Labs takes these environmental dynamics into consideration.



We use the following procedure when evaluating formaldehyde emissions in Chinese-made laminate flooring:

ASTM D6007: Standard Test Method for Determining Formaldehyde Concentrations in Air from Wood Products Using a Small-Scale Chamber. This method is used for monitoring laminate flooring products for compliance to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulation for composite wood products. This test method provides a means of testing smaller samples and reduces the time required for testing.

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